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MUTECAST #033 - Christian Löffler |

MUTECAST #033 - Christian Löffler

You might know Christian Löffler from his excellent Boiler Room appearance a few months back. Or maybe because of his critically acclaimed and all round stunning album 'A Forest', released on his own label: Ki records.

It's clear that hard work and creating beauty pays off: This summer Christian will play at Melt Festival and a whole lot of other lovely venues and festivals. So we are extra proud that before the festival season is unleashed you can come and listen to him, performing his live set on the next RTFKT night, 15th of March at the OT301 in Amsterdam. His first ever performance in the Netherlands. Yes!

Within this 33rd Mutecast you’ll find a Löffler remix of 'A Crashed Blackbird Called Rosehip' (check out their album!), quality German craftsmanship and a couple of all time RTFKT favorites. A bit of advice: Don’t skip through it! Just press play and let this mix surprise you, as it contains the same interesting story-telling qualities you’ll witness on his album, and of course, the 15th of March.


1. Wife – Bodies
2. Deptford Goth – Union
3. A crashed blackbird called rosehip – Je Suis
4. Ultraista - Gold Dayz (Maribou State remix)
5. Jonas Mantey – Wie Alles Begann
6. Bonobo – Cirrus
7. A crashed blackbird called rosehip – Fight Again (Christian Löffler Remix)
8. Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge – Holding On
9. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Fine Day (James Holden Remix)
10. Steffen Kirchhoff – Volver
11. Praything – The Fetter

BY rtfkt on 6 Mrt ‘13

Bizzeea! - DeepStep

BY George on 13 Mrt ‘17

che - ritual

BY Guido on 6 Feb ‘17

Dürerstuben - GOYUD

BY George on 1 Dec ‘16

A_ldric - Sphaerotilus

BY George on 18 Nov ‘16

Norwell - Dextran

BY George on 8 Nov ‘16