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Mutecast #036 - Gacha |

Mutecast #036 - Gacha

It is goddamn cold outside. I can hear the rain clashing against my window. The prospect of having to drive my bike to work through this November autumn weather is not something that makes me particulary happy. If only there was something that could relieve me from this white people problem. Well, there might be. And - surprise, surprise - it might have something to do with this months mutecast! If only I could indulge myself in some sort of festival vibe. A beachy, housy, funky, washed out, balearic, sunny, long nights, drowsy, lush but thumping and dancable vibe..

In between all our party planning (the 26th of July we are setting up camp in Amsterdams' Melkweg) we managed to get hold of Georgian Gacha. Recently signed to R&S Records (Apollo) with the track "remember", which we thought is quite impressive considering R&S is (or used to be) home to Jaydee's Plastic Dreams, Aphex Twin and System 7 a.o. We were lucky enough to get him enthousiastic and with this months mutecast he delivered just the flow we were hoping/looking for. Enjoy!


Gas - Pop 04 (Mille Plateaux) 
Drexciya - Under Sea Disturbances (Tresor) 
Rick Wade - Naomi (Laid) 
Ron Trent - Message to the World (Electric Blue) 
Choice - Acid Eiffel (Janvier 1993) (Fnac Music Dance Division) 
Floating Points - Danger (Eglo) 
Anton Zap - Captain Storm (forthcoming Apollo) 
Anthony Naples - Moscato B (Mister Saturday Night) 
Terrence dixon - One bedroom apartment (jacek sienkiewicz remix) (Shanti) 
Laurel Hallo - UHFFO (forthcoming Hyperdub) 
Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal (Domino) 
Omar S - Ready My Black Asz (FXHE) 
Fax Yourself - Strut Your Techno Stuff (feat Carrie Ann) (Sound of Belgium) 
Kerri Chandler Meets TC1993 - Harmony (Rubber Room mix) (Environment) 
Bicep - $tripper (Love Fever) 
10-In Flagranti - Magojiro (K7) 
Boxcutter - Other People (Planet Mu) 
Gigi Masin - Waterland (Sub Rosa)

BY rtfkt on 23 Mei ‘13

Bizzeea! - DeepStep

BY George on 13 Mrt ‘17

che - ritual

BY Guido on 6 Feb ‘17

Dürerstuben - GOYUD

BY George on 1 Dec ‘16

A_ldric - Sphaerotilus

BY George on 18 Nov ‘16

Norwell - Dextran

BY George on 8 Nov ‘16