Mutecast #039 - Koett

The next issue in our Mutecast series is by Krasnodar-based artist @Kott a.k.a. Kött a.k.a. Koett from Russia. Hailing from the nation’s sunny south, Koett brings you vivid and playful electronica that can be intense and emotional but at the same time very clear and light. Try listen to some of his work and you’ll notice his music crosses that bridge between the dancefloor and your home.

Since 2005 Koett moved through a number of projects and teamed up with different artist. At the moment he is preparing a full-length debut solo album to be released later this year. This mutecast mix looks back on some of his collaborations and some songs that influenced the coming work.

From Russia with love.


1.Mountain Range - A Silence Of Three Parts
2.WOLS - Mousetrap Season Boundary '00 (w. Monokle)
3.Gossamer - Chaino
4.WOLS - Quasi
5.WAAN - Shugar
6.Goldlines - Moment In Flux
7.Big Chill Allstars - Lazy Days (Hackman Remix)
8.Eagles for Hands - Hot Telescopic
9.Vlsonn - Bison Run
10.Sau Poler - Arts Quarterly
11.ill Live - Ever Decreasing Circles
12.Laura Mvula - She (Hissy Fit Remix)
13.Keep Shelly in Athens - Madmen Love (Braxton_Palmer Remix)
14.Superhumanoids - Bad Weather (Tropics Remix)
15.Partpanda - Way Back When (Kratos Himself Remix)

BY rtfkt on 28 Aug ‘13

Bizzeea! - DeepStep

BY George on 13 Mrt ‘17

che - ritual

BY Guido on 6 Feb ‘17

Dürerstuben - GOYUD

BY George on 1 Dec ‘16

A_ldric - Sphaerotilus

BY George on 18 Nov ‘16

Norwell - Dextran

BY George on 8 Nov ‘16