MUTECAST #041 - Odei (Quai D'Orsay)

Mutecast 41 is a special one. Recorded in France at Quai D'Orsay, Odei is a three headed improvisation band ODEI.

Odei consists of the jazzy and afro-funky drummer Arnaud Biscay (from Bibi Tanga) and the pianist Maxime Hoarau, both from the conservatoire of music, and Matthys, whose job as an electronic producer has already reflected an assertive style.

To explain a bit what Odei does on stage: a three mans band jams around for one hour. The midi received by the electronic gear is generated live by the drummer who sets the rhythmic pattern and the vibraphonist is setting the notes. All this is possible by a 4th guy of Odei who's more active behind the scenes - He's is known for developing software at the IRCAM institute named Antescofo. This way, nothing is written and everything is played live!


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