MUTECAST #045 - Звуки из Краснодара | WOLS, Wellbeck, Koett and Copper Beard

There are a lot of local scenes worldwide. Some are very known. Some a bit less but definitely worth to discover. People do good music everywhere and we're happy to have a platform like thats able to present local pearls to the worldwide borders.

This Mutecast shows the sounds of Krasnodar, a city near the Black Sea; Russia. A group of friends is making music here for a long time already. Mostly inspired by analogue synts, drum computers, parties, house music, electronica and the sunny sea side.

One of the main Krasnodar outputs is @fuselab (owned by Yury Strelnikov and Evgeny Shchukin (WOLS). This label released music by Monokle, Koett, Wellbeck, Ishomme, Feldmaus, Hmot, Moa Pillar and others. There is also Spektral Audio School, run by Copper Beard. A collective of musicians is teaching to produce and record music in a professional studio to the local talents; Copper Beard for example entered the Redbull Music Academy back in 2008. There is also @sub-amp, a more house orientated label. And of course lots of great parties have been organized.

The guys are not only local orientated though. For example, Koett and Wellbeck will release a new 12" on pro-tez (moscow) very soon. Koett released his Golden Peak album over at our friends of @atomnation (Berlin / Amsterdam) and did some tracks on Connaisseur, Germany, and A Must Have. Fuselab is getting lots of well deserved respect from American and European critics and WOLS also released his solo project on @pingipung, Hamburg.

Check out the Звуки из Краснодара

pt1 mixed by: @wols
pt2 mixed by: @wellbeck
pt3 mixed by: @k-tt
pt4 mixed by: @copper_beard

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