MUTECAST #046 - Gidge

In the midst of preparing their debut album, Swedish duo Gidge (a.k.a. Jonatan Nilsson and Ludvig Stolterman) have passed along a mixtape full of lush and emotive sounds that make of a nice and interesting Mutecast.

In this new edition of our series we are on heavenly territory. The guys offer some work of own making, some pieces from their peers and in between some all time 'timeless' favorites; a mix filled with tracks that combine deep percussion patterns with glistening pads, airy melodies and massive basses.

For their upcoming debut album, Gidge gathers much of their inspiration from their Scandinavian surroundings of native forests and snow. The pair shared two cuts as a taste of what's to come on this forthcoming full-length, titled 'You' and 'I Fell In Love'. Both previews got huge support from their fans and promise something really exciting to come from their debut LP.

BY rtfkt on 27 Mei ‘14

Bizzeea! - DeepStep

BY George on 13 Mrt ‘17

che - ritual

BY Guido on 6 Feb ‘17

Dürerstuben - GOYUD

BY George on 1 Dec ‘16

A_ldric - Sphaerotilus

BY George on 18 Nov ‘16

Norwell - Dextran

BY George on 8 Nov ‘16