Mutecast #50 - Careful with that albatross in the caravan, my dear

Why don't you take a little acid trip down the Mekong?

2.   Careful With That Axe Eugene (live - 1994 digital remaster) by Pink Floyd
4.   The End by The Doors
5.   That I Am by Greg Gives Peter Space
7.   Heaven by The Rolling Stones
8.   It's Choade My Dear by Connan Mockasin
9.   Stone Folk by The Adacement
11. Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones
12. Hey Joe by Lee Moses
13. Strange Brew by Cream

BY feffeffef on 15 Sep ‘15

MUTECAST #051 - Grand River

You probably think we did something wrong, skipping mutecast number 50? But no, we are keeping that position open for something special that is beeing worked on with care and precision. Meanwhile (of 'in the meantime' we'll continue with mutecast number 51.

A special one as well, (shamefully) considering it's the first (and hopefully not the last) female addition to our long list of mutecasts. Introducing to you: Milan based producer Grand River (Aimée Portioli), who kindly send us a nice mixtape including some of her own tracks from the album "Wers" out on MagmatiQ records. Here is Mutecast Nr. 51

01. Murcof - Hugo I & Hugo II
02. Christian Löffler and Gry - All Comes
03. Kiasmos - Driven
04. Grand River - Watar (extract)
05. Grand River - Bron II
06. Grand River - Cellophane
07. Grand River - Hoom And The Grey
08. Xaver Naudascher - Lost
09. S_W_Z_K - Techniques
10. Graze - Ques
11. Recondite - Caldera
12. Youarehere - Lacuna
13. Esperanza - Ink
14. Kangding Ray - La Belle
15. Forss - Diligam
16. Gidge - Fauna, Pt. I
17. The Persuader - Pressure Relief

BY rtfkt on 3 Jun ‘15

MUTECAST #048 - Fran Seven

Catching Flies - The Long Journey Home
Chrome Sparks - Enter The Chrome Forrest
Fran Seven - Short Talk
Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X - The Perfect Blues (Jacques Greene Remix)
Trashlagoon - Session 87 (Parra for Cuva Remix)
Di-Rect - You & I (Fran Seven Edit)
Kiasmos - Looped
Bob Moses - Grace
Marley Carroll - First Thought, Best Thought (Little People Remix)
Four Tet - TEXT022 (Maribou State Edit)
Fran Seven - Twenty Ten
Christian Loffler - A Forest
Dark Sky - Silent Fall
Rone - Beast pt 2
Ludovico Einaudi - Walk (Phaeleh Remix)

BY rtfkt on 8 Okt ‘14

MUTECAST #047 - Max Farlane

Follow Max Farlane: @maxfarlane

1. Placyde - An Everlasting Journey In The Middle Of Nowhere (TheSame Remix)
2. Downliners Sekt - Silent Ascent (Original Mix)
3. Sigward & Oliver Sudden - Welcome Back My Sun (Feat. Mirza) (Original Mix)
4. Phon.o - Whi5tleblower (Original Mix)
5. Sasha - Who Killed Sparky? (Original Mix)
6. Ricardo Tobar - Hundreds (Original Mix)
7. Avatism, Clockwork - Bitter Reminiscence (Fairmont Remix)
8. Rone - Bye Bye Macadam (Aquarian Remix)
9. Coldplay – Midnight (Jon Hopkins Remix)
10. Dauwd – Lydia (Original Mix)
11. Luke Abbott – Modern Driveway (Original Mix)
12. Eno, Moebius & Roedelius - Belldog

BY rtfkt on 12 Aug ‘14

MUTECAST #046 - Gidge

In the midst of preparing their debut album, Swedish duo Gidge (a.k.a. Jonatan Nilsson and Ludvig Stolterman) have passed along a mixtape full of lush and emotive sounds that make of a nice and interesting Mutecast.

In this new edition of our series we are on heavenly territory. The guys offer some work of own making, some pieces from their peers and in between some all time 'timeless' favorites; a mix filled with tracks that combine deep percussion patterns with glistening pads, airy melodies and massive basses.

For their upcoming debut album, Gidge gathers much of their inspiration from their Scandinavian surroundings of native forests and snow. The pair shared two cuts as a taste of what's to come on this forthcoming full-length, titled 'You' and 'I Fell In Love'. Both previews got huge support from their fans and promise something really exciting to come from their debut LP.

BY rtfkt on 27 Mei ‘14

MUTECAST #045 - Звуки из Краснодара | WOLS, Wellbeck, Koett and Copper Beard

There are a lot of local scenes worldwide. Some are very known. Some a bit less but definitely worth to discover. People do good music everywhere and we're happy to have a platform like thats able to present local pearls to the worldwide borders.

This Mutecast shows the sounds of Krasnodar, a city near the Black Sea; Russia. A group of friends is making music here for a long time already. Mostly inspired by analogue synts, drum computers, parties, house music, electronica and the sunny sea side.

One of the main Krasnodar outputs is @fuselab (owned by Yury Strelnikov and Evgeny Shchukin (WOLS). This label released music by Monokle, Koett, Wellbeck, Ishomme, Feldmaus, Hmot, Moa Pillar and others. There is also Spektral Audio School, run by Copper Beard. A collective of musicians is teaching to produce and record music in a professional studio to the local talents; Copper Beard for example entered the Redbull Music Academy back in 2008. There is also @sub-amp, a more house orientated label. And of course lots of great parties have been organized.

The guys are not only local orientated though. For example, Koett and Wellbeck will release a new 12" on pro-tez (moscow) very soon. Koett released his Golden Peak album over at our friends of @atomnation (Berlin / Amsterdam) and did some tracks on Connaisseur, Germany, and A Must Have. Fuselab is getting lots of well deserved respect from American and European critics and WOLS also released his solo project on @pingipung, Hamburg.

Check out the Звуки из Краснодара

pt1 mixed by: @wols
pt2 mixed by: @wellbeck
pt3 mixed by: @k-tt
pt4 mixed by: @copper_beard

BY rtfkt on 4 Apr ‘14

MUTECAST #044 - Norwell

The 44th edition of the Mutecasts is by Norwell, a producer, DJ and live performer who's music is released on labels such as Farbwechsel, Box and Shabu recordings. Based in Budapest, Norwell dives into the realms of 70s Kosmiche music; translating grainy analogue synths textures to modern electronic music. Structures that create a sound that resonates with the mind as well as the feet. All of this you'll hear in his 48 minute mix.

Artist: Norwell - 
Artwork: Imre Kiss -

1. Four Tet - Celeste stretch 2 
2. Ben Frost - Theory of Machines (Bedroom Community) 
3. S Olbricht & Carla Under Water - The Door (SicSic Tapes) 
4. Saint Leidal The 2nd - Body Bubble 2 (Norwell mix) (coming soon on Farbwechsel) 
5. Lukas Nystrand Von Unge - Förmodligen (Studio Barnhaus) 
6. She Has A Cold, Cold Heart - Untitled (Stereo-Dasein) 
7. Grumbling Fur - Eyoreseye (Thrill Jockey) 
8. Terry Riley - Poppy Nogood And The Phantom Band (CBS) 
9. Alpár - Piciformes (SicSic tapes) 
10. Holden - Rannoch Dawn (Border Community) 
11. Daniel Avery - Water Jump (Phantasy Sound) 
12. Imre Kiss - Shadow Universe (Unreleased) 
13. Aphex Twin - PWSteal.Ldpinch.D (Rephlex) 
14. Wedding Acid Group - Transatlantic MSpresso (coming soon on Farbwechsel)

BY rtfkt on 17 Feb ‘14

MUTECAST #043 - Guido (Holy Are You)

Last year we did this one-time thing: an intimate RTFKT night at an abandoned monastery. It was truly one of the best experiences ever. 

The next edition in the Mutecast series is an ode to this special place where the ones playing the music served as shamans with a dancing crowd in fine spirits. One hour of uplifting music to look back at the state of excitement we were in that night or to release your inner pagan energy.

Holy Are You:


Ozo - Anambra
Manhead - Doop (Reverso 68 Remix)
Gunther Lause - Mountain
Le Dust Sucker - Everybody Used To (Rebolledo Mix)
Yor - Rave
Bruce Trail - Beatrice
Kit Grill - Prism (part 1)
Deux - Felicita (DC Salas Edit)
Morgan Hammer - Libillule (Matt Walsh Remix)
Barnt - Is This Where They Were Born For?

BY rtfkt on 25 Jan ‘14

MUTECAST #042 - Portable Sunsets

This months mutecast comes from our New York connection, MAX/MSP nerd, probable ADHD sufferer and, most importantly, friend Portable Sunsets. We had him over for our Amsterdam Dance Event event last October (where he played alongside Kelpe, Throwing Snow and our own Applescal) and he was kind enough to record the set he performed and allow us to use it as a Mutecast! After our night Peter went on to teach Max MSP at Steim in Amsterdam (An independent Dutch electronic music centre and nexus for live and innovative performance of electronic music. FYI :)) and help set up the musical accompaniment for an art installation at festival Némo in Paris, also by means of max/msp (video here: and more info here: Such a busy bee.. On top of that a new record will come out this spring, but we will keep you posted about that. So, let this mutecast guide you a little bit more into his world, or let it bring back memories to October 19th, or just enjoy! Or all of the above..

BY rtfkt on 18 Dec ‘13

MUTECAST #041 - Odei (Quai D'Orsay)

Mutecast 41 is a special one. Recorded in France at Quai D'Orsay, Odei is a three headed improvisation band ODEI.

Odei consists of the jazzy and afro-funky drummer Arnaud Biscay (from Bibi Tanga) and the pianist Maxime Hoarau, both from the conservatoire of music, and Matthys, whose job as an electronic producer has already reflected an assertive style.

To explain a bit what Odei does on stage: a three mans band jams around for one hour. The midi received by the electronic gear is generated live by the drummer who sets the rhythmic pattern and the vibraphonist is setting the notes. All this is possible by a 4th guy of Odei who's more active behind the scenes - He's is known for developing software at the IRCAM institute named Antescofo. This way, nothing is written and everything is played live!


BY rtfkt on 8 Nov ‘13

MUTECAST #040 - Feffeffef (Thank you Charles Paul)

We celebrate this fortieth edition of our Mutecast series with someone from our own stable, feffeffef. This is what he has to say:

“A little big while ago, on a longgone messageboard there was this mixtape floating around. Something fresh, melancholic and organic. Something that would later on prove to define my taste for meticulously textured soundscapes and for (appointed by me as) introspective melancholectronica. For me personally, the most interesting things, musically speaking, happen on the border of the natural and technological, on the edge of beautifully shaped melodies and intricate percussion. Please, take a sit down, this might be an hour best spent in a candlelit room, with a good pair of headphones, a fresh gingertea and perhaps with a little something to smoke - according to your own needs ofcourse.”

- Feffeffef


01. The Gentleman Losers - Oblivion’s Tide 
02. Xela - Bobble Hats In Summer 
03. Portable Sunsets - Wolf Head 
04. Xela - Last Breath 
05. The Remote Viewer - Spend More Time With Me 
06. Donato Wharton - Is That Why Yr Still On Earth 
07. Xela - Streetlevel 
08. Michael Fakesch - We Got A Generator 
09. Seven Ark - Glass Shattering Under Water 
10. Yasume - 2112 Crescent Heights 
11. Seven Ark - Sixteen 
12. Abfahrt Hinwil - Tech 8 
13. Sofus Forsberg - Dam Dam

BY rtfkt on 1 Okt ‘13

Mutecast #039 - Koett

The next issue in our Mutecast series is by Krasnodar-based artist @Kott a.k.a. Kött a.k.a. Koett from Russia. Hailing from the nation’s sunny south, Koett brings you vivid and playful electronica that can be intense and emotional but at the same time very clear and light. Try listen to some of his work and you’ll notice his music crosses that bridge between the dancefloor and your home.

Since 2005 Koett moved through a number of projects and teamed up with different artist. At the moment he is preparing a full-length debut solo album to be released later this year. This mutecast mix looks back on some of his collaborations and some songs that influenced the coming work.

From Russia with love.


1.Mountain Range - A Silence Of Three Parts
2.WOLS - Mousetrap Season Boundary '00 (w. Monokle)
3.Gossamer - Chaino
4.WOLS - Quasi
5.WAAN - Shugar
6.Goldlines - Moment In Flux
7.Big Chill Allstars - Lazy Days (Hackman Remix)
8.Eagles for Hands - Hot Telescopic
9.Vlsonn - Bison Run
10.Sau Poler - Arts Quarterly
11.ill Live - Ever Decreasing Circles
12.Laura Mvula - She (Hissy Fit Remix)
13.Keep Shelly in Athens - Madmen Love (Braxton_Palmer Remix)
14.Superhumanoids - Bad Weather (Tropics Remix)
15.Partpanda - Way Back When (Kratos Himself Remix)

BY rtfkt on 28 Aug ‘13

Mutecast #038 - Olaf Stuut

In preparation of the summer edition of our RTFKT Night coming july 26th at de Melkweg in Amsterdam we asked one of the guests of the night, Olaf Stuut, to record us a mixtape. What he kindly came up with is in line with his own productions. Laidback, funky and melodic being the key terms, ever orientated on a tribalish dancefloor. Though never overly aggressive. Just sweet flows of melody and clever harmonies. We can only wish that the night of the 26th will have a warm, summery, glowy, slightly sweaty feel to it so you can let the Olaf, together with the RTFKT boys and Taragana Pyjarama, create the ideal soundtrack for such an evening. You know where to catch us, hope to see you there! Enjoy! 


1. Dj Koze - La Duquesa
2. CoMa - My Orbit (Dauwd Remix)
3. Isolee - Allowance
4. Escar - With You
5. Oaktree - Chapters
6. James Holden - Renata
7. Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal
8. Boards of Canada - New Seeds
9. Olaf Stuut - Demiurg
10. Jøburg - Epoch

BY rtfkt on 16 Jul ‘13

Mutecast #037 - Alphabets Heaven

Alone, sitting on the concrete of one of the platforms at Utrecht central station, after a classic hot & lazy summers day (walking around the city, grilling in the park and drinking a beer or two), dawn has set and it seems to be the right time to find a soundtrack to accompany the vibe. Days like these are seemingly filled with right deciscions, and putting on this months mutecast by Alphabets Heaven is no exception. Let's hope this summer has more moments like this. And if you happen to realise that one of these moments is happening, you know where you can find the perfect soundtrack for it. It might even bring back the same flow during darker and colder days. 


1. Troubleman - Without You 
2. Lost Twin - Andromeda 
3. Jon Wayne - Curious 
4. Kelpe - Answered 
5. Huerco - s - 3001AB 
6. Alphabets Heaven - Ivory Heart (Edit) 
7. Oneohtrix Point Never - Sleep Dealer 
8. Run Dmt - ? (Off of Culture Dealer) 
9. Julien Mier - Ever Lonely 
10. Mo Kolours - Laser Wind 
11. Romare - Your Love You Give Me Fever 
12. Kloud - Mood Swings 
13. Bambooman - Hollowed 
14. Dertbeats - Cyan

BY rtfkt on 20 Jun ‘13

Mutecast #036 - Gacha

It is goddamn cold outside. I can hear the rain clashing against my window. The prospect of having to drive my bike to work through this November autumn weather is not something that makes me particulary happy. If only there was something that could relieve me from this white people problem. Well, there might be. And - surprise, surprise - it might have something to do with this months mutecast! If only I could indulge myself in some sort of festival vibe. A beachy, housy, funky, washed out, balearic, sunny, long nights, drowsy, lush but thumping and dancable vibe..

In between all our party planning (the 26th of July we are setting up camp in Amsterdams' Melkweg) we managed to get hold of Georgian Gacha. Recently signed to R&S Records (Apollo) with the track "remember", which we thought is quite impressive considering R&S is (or used to be) home to Jaydee's Plastic Dreams, Aphex Twin and System 7 a.o. We were lucky enough to get him enthousiastic and with this months mutecast he delivered just the flow we were hoping/looking for. Enjoy!


Gas - Pop 04 (Mille Plateaux) 
Drexciya - Under Sea Disturbances (Tresor) 
Rick Wade - Naomi (Laid) 
Ron Trent - Message to the World (Electric Blue) 
Choice - Acid Eiffel (Janvier 1993) (Fnac Music Dance Division) 
Floating Points - Danger (Eglo) 
Anton Zap - Captain Storm (forthcoming Apollo) 
Anthony Naples - Moscato B (Mister Saturday Night) 
Terrence dixon - One bedroom apartment (jacek sienkiewicz remix) (Shanti) 
Laurel Hallo - UHFFO (forthcoming Hyperdub) 
Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal (Domino) 
Omar S - Ready My Black Asz (FXHE) 
Fax Yourself - Strut Your Techno Stuff (feat Carrie Ann) (Sound of Belgium) 
Kerri Chandler Meets TC1993 - Harmony (Rubber Room mix) (Environment) 
Bicep - $tripper (Love Fever) 
10-In Flagranti - Magojiro (K7) 
Boxcutter - Other People (Planet Mu) 
Gigi Masin - Waterland (Sub Rosa)

BY rtfkt on 23 Mei ‘13

MUTECAST #035 - Sau Poler

A long long time ago in a country far far away there once lived a mighty king who fancied electronic music. His wise advisors told him to pick the best producers of the world to let them make a Mutecast for him. This to keep the people happy and prevent them from rioting against the throne. 

When he listened to Sau Poler's debut EP 'A Soundless Echo' on Atomnation he instantly fell in love with his music. He immediately sent his servants to Badalona, a small town in Spain, to ask Poler to do the job. Sau Poler accepted the invitation and made the best possible mix ever. The king was more than satisfied, and knew this made the people happy again. 

1 - EOD - Came, Went 
2 - Δ Δ (Delta, Delta) - Skyway 
3 - Mos Def - Umi Says (FaltyDL Edit) 
4 - Joy Orbison - Ellipsis 
5 - Global Communication - Maiden Voyage (Ripperton Edit) 
6 - Midland - Though Motion 
7 - Fantastic Man - It's Essential 
8 - Rachel Row - Follow The Step (Kink Beat Mix) 
9 - Applescal - Spring And Life 
10 - Nautiluss - Cloud City 
11 - The Cyclist - Mangel 
12 - Sau Poler - Magnetism

BY rtfkt on 24 Apr ‘13

MUTECAST #034 - Monokle

Monokle, a genre crossing electronica producer, occasional fisherman and graduated psychologist from St. Petersburg delivers our 34th Mutecast. Monokle's musical path lays in the more ambient route. That makes sense, since after doing some research we found out that he's mostly inspired by Eric Satie and by silence. His music is at times intense, making you glide along his beats and basses. But the real proof of his love for ambient and classic minimal music lays in his melodies, and in one of his more critically acclaimed track 'embers', released on KI Records at the end of 2012. A track with a long stretching intro, but slowly evolving into a dance floor monster.

In this 36 minutes mix Monokle showcases some well thought out and daring ideas and a heap of different genres; breakbeats, air, landcapes, classical music, experimental stuff, hypnotizing loops topped off with fantastic transitions. It's all in there. While listening we had daydreams of being on a small boat, in the middle of a lake. On the one hand soaking in the landscapes, surrounded by silence, freezing cold. But on the other hand being lost in your own world and thoughts. One with the outside aswell as the inside. It's monokle's world. Enjoy! 


1. Raime - Passed Over Trail 
2. Fennesz - fa 
3. Singing Statues - Persian Prince 
4. A.M. Architect - Circus 
5. Aphex Twin - Tha 
6. Henrik B - Mourning 
7. Nubian Mindz - Vox & Cymba 
8. Memotone - Empty Platform

BY rtfkt on 27 Mrt ‘13

MUTECAST #033 - Christian Löffler

You might know Christian Löffler from his excellent Boiler Room appearance a few months back. Or maybe because of his critically acclaimed and all round stunning album 'A Forest', released on his own label: Ki records.

It's clear that hard work and creating beauty pays off: This summer Christian will play at Melt Festival and a whole lot of other lovely venues and festivals. So we are extra proud that before the festival season is unleashed you can come and listen to him, performing his live set on the next RTFKT night, 15th of March at the OT301 in Amsterdam. His first ever performance in the Netherlands. Yes!

Within this 33rd Mutecast you’ll find a Löffler remix of 'A Crashed Blackbird Called Rosehip' (check out their album!), quality German craftsmanship and a couple of all time RTFKT favorites. A bit of advice: Don’t skip through it! Just press play and let this mix surprise you, as it contains the same interesting story-telling qualities you’ll witness on his album, and of course, the 15th of March.


1. Wife – Bodies
2. Deptford Goth – Union
3. A crashed blackbird called rosehip – Je Suis
4. Ultraista - Gold Dayz (Maribou State remix)
5. Jonas Mantey – Wie Alles Begann
6. Bonobo – Cirrus
7. A crashed blackbird called rosehip – Fight Again (Christian Löffler Remix)
8. Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge – Holding On
9. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Fine Day (James Holden Remix)
10. Steffen Kirchhoff – Volver
11. Praything – The Fetter

BY rtfkt on 6 Mrt ‘13

MUTECAST #032 - Limbo (Soundtrack For Today)

Canadian bred Liam Brennand, a.k.a Limbo, a.k.a. Neontetra is - like our last Mutecast addition Mig Dfoe - an old friend of the RTFKT crew. He has been actively making music for quite a while now, releasing on the 'back home' label, as well as Loki and Manual. Things were a little quiet for a while, but now we know why: he started his own Sushi Audio label. Hopefully, but probably, releasing tracks with vibes similar to the tracks he used mixing together this Mutecast; diverse, highly danceable, garagy, melodic, funky and catchy. Enjoy! 


Neontetra - Voices 
Little Dragon - Crystalfilm 
Jacques Greene - The Looks (Machinedrum Remix) 
Troy Gunner - Headlights 
Frank Ocean - Thinkin Bout You (Ryan Hemsworth Bootleg) 
Childhood - Clouds 
Instra:mental - Rift Zone 
Pattie Blingh - Brother The Point (2562 Remix) 
Djrum - Undercoat 
Sorrow - False Sunrise 
Four Tet - Jupiters 
Shigeto - Field Day (Braille Remix) 
Submit - Are Rainbow 
Les Fins - Fetch 
CDBL - I Need You 
Habstrakt & Badjokes - Miaow (123Mrk Remix) 
El-B - Among The Stars 
Delirium - Silence (shortcircuit Bootleg)

BY rtfkt on 23 Jan ‘13